TGAT2020 Blog

  1. Emma looks back on Stage 1: Running across Tasmania

    2020-04-02 16:44:00 UTC
    Half a World Away It’s February 22nd. I’m sat in my conservatory in the UK, wrapped up in a blanket with a mug of hot squash, and the cat’s curled up on a chair next to me. The rain is hammering on the conservatory roof and outside it’s grey and…

  2. Queensland, Covid 19 and the end of The Great Australian Triathlon

    2020-03-24 15:40:51 UTC
    This is not a post I ever anticipated writing. The team are all fit, strong and keen and yet as of today we have abandoned The Great Australian Triathlon. We’ve been watching the global Covid 19 outbreak with trepidation and today we had to make the call to suspend our…

  3. TGAT Expedition Diaries (ep3) - Last Legs

    2020-03-12 06:34:00 UTC
    The Great Australian Triathlon Diaries - Last Legs (Episode 3) Catch up with Ben, Emma, Claire and JD during the final few days of their human-powered crossing of Tasmania as part of the The Great Australian Triathlon. They are most certainly on their last legs as they draw closer to…

  4. TGAT Expedition Diaries (ep2) - An Unexpected Visitor

    2020-02-27 09:59:00 UTC
    The Great Australian Triathlon Diaries - An Unexpected Visitor (Episode 2). This episode follows Ben, Emma and Claire Cianchi during their run across Tasmania, from New Norfolk to Miena. The terrain becomes more difficult with the prospect of the central highlands still looming up ahead. Little does the team know,…

  5. Running Across Tasmania, the Best Gear to Take

    2020-02-05 10:09:39 UTC
    It was fairly easy to decide to run across Tasmania, but only afterwards when the organisation and training starts did I begin to realise what a challenge we’d taken up. One area I’d thought little about before committing to the run was kit. In this article I’ll give a quick…

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