Ben Cianchi

Ben has a great deal of adventure and expedition experience, from cycle touring across Europe and in Africa, to kayaking in New Zealand, Australia, the Alps and the UK. Ben's most recent adventure was a cycle tour across the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, where Ben and his two friends Mike and Jon had just 9 days to cross Morocco and get to Gibraltar in order to catch a flight home ready for work the next day. 

Jonathan Doyle

JD has been on numerous short adventure trips across the world, from climbing in the Dolomites, Italy, the winter climbing in Scotland, but is most notable trip to date was his 2016 climbing trip to Australia, which culminated in the creation of his first film, 'The Pommish Invasion', which went on to be featured in four international film festivals from the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (Canada) to Kendal Mountain Festival (UK). It also won the 'One Year in Tas' grand prize in the Cradle Mountain Festival in Tasmania (Australia). You can see 'The Pommish Invasion' at the link below.

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