Our team is made up of 8 members from the UK and Australia. Ben will be completing the entire expedition while JD documents it. The other team members will each complete one leg of the journey, embarking on their own personal adventure. 

Ben Cianchi

Expedition Leader - GB

Generations of my family have undertaken long and difficult journeys: to seek out greater opportunities, to flee political persecution and for the sheer joy of it. This family history has gifted me a great confidence in everyone’s ability to push themselves through travel and adventure. However, many people I come across don’t believe big adventures are for normal people. I hope to prove them wrong by training for,organising, and completing a human-powered crossing of the least populated non-Antarctic continent while working a normal job and living a very ordinary life.

My cycling experience to date includes unsupported cycle tours through Europe and North Africa and mountain biking in the U.K. and European Alps. I am a committed kayaker with a wide range of experience; from marathon and canoe polo here in the U.K. to hard white-water descents in the Alps and New Zealand, as well as, of course, sea kayaking in the U.K. and Australia. I’ve spent most of my adult life running for fitness and crossing Tasmania will be a great test of this in an expedition environment.

I’m lucky enough to have a great team of friends and family who will play active parts in The Great Australian Triathlon from joining me on sections of the trip, to capturing the action for sponsors and media use.

Jonathan Doyle

Film Director - GB

JD’s track record in photography and film making, which has seen his work shown in film festivals on three continents and his photography nominated for a prestigious prize, means he takes on the crucial task of documenting the trip. He’ll have one of the most difficult jobs of anyone on the team, it’ll be up to him find the expedition, get ahead of it and get great shots to document the story. Luckily with a strong aesthetic flair and a thirst for adventure he’s easily up for the job.

To date JD has worked with a range of clients such as Berghaus, Rock and Run and Dirtbags Climbing.

To see more of JD’s work, check out his website here: www.jonathandoylemedia.com

Claire and Emma Cianchi

Runners - GB

The 600 km run across Tasmania will be Claire (left) and Emma’s(right) first major running expedition. Like me though, they both come from anadventurous background. Growing up in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons welearnt at a young age where resilience and good navigation skills can take you.

As adults, they’ve followed up this adventurous spirit withchallenging multi-day hikes in the U.K, Slovakia and Spain.

My siblings possess grit, determination, and selflessness to afault, and I couldn’t be more proud that they’ve elected to join me on thefirst stage of the Great Australian Triathlon.

Aidan Cameron & Alie Repetto

Sea Kayakers - Aus

Aidan and Alie will join the trip forthe sea kayak crossing of the Bass Strait. They’re probably the mostadventurous couple I know, getting involved in everything from remote caving tohard white-water kayaking. Alie has recently returned from hiking America’sPacific Crest Trail and brings with her exceptional drive and determination.Aidan’s background in kayaking and leading groups around New South Wales’ssouth coast means he’s the go to for on the ground knowledge of conditions andnavigation. Aidan’s recent adventures include competing at the Snowy River andLee white water races in Victoria and  Tasmania respectively.

Dan Lamb

Cyclist - GB

Dan will be undertaking the 7000 km ride across mainland Australia with Ben, and it will be their longest expedition to date. 

Dan is an enthusiastic all-rounder with adventures ranging from cycling in Europe to back-country skiing in Canada. Dan will join the expedition for the cycling section of the trip, bringing with him a strong mental game and an annoying ability to breeze through any problem that crosses his path.

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